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Boy Scouts in Laguna Beach
Chartered by the
Laguna Beach Presbyterian Church
Dr. Jerry Tankersley, Senior Pastor

Troop and Patrol meetings are held every other Thursday at 7:00 p.m.
Laguna Presbyterian Tankersley Hall
415 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Scoutmaster: Clay Leeds


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Laguna Presbyterian Tankersley Hall
415 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

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2015 Boy Scout Summer Camp Emerald Bay Pics

A busy week for Troop 35

Posted on May 19 2018 - 11:30pm

Just a reminder for the upcoming events from now until the end of the month of May:

Tuesday, May 22, 7pm to 8pm - Space exploration merit badge.    Please see the email Mr. Lindsey sent out last week and RSVP for this fun and EDUCATIONAL evening.  Please RSVP through the calendar. (Thinking ahead  - keep June 9th open for the special launch day.)

Another Fun Day at Scout o Rama

Posted on May 12 2018 - 8:44pm

Thank you to the scouts and the parents and siblings who made our Monkey Bridge a huge success. We won an Award of Excellence for Design and a Safety Ribbon.   From the set up on Friday night to the all day operation on Saturday, the leaders of Troop 35 could not have provided this popular venue at Scout o Rama without your help.    We had a constant stream of visitors throughout the day.  Some visitors waited up to 30 minutes to get the chance at crossing the bridge and avoiding the aligators below.    Thank you to:  Stephen Jensen and mom; Alex and Grandma Jane; Trey and mom, Vincent and dad; Brandon and family; Ivan and parents; Joe and dad and brother; Nico and dad and sister; Mason; Duke; Nicholas and dad and brother (he was the last to officially cross the bridge!); Will and family; Sam and dad; Elliott and Scoutmaster Leeds; and Mr. Lindsey.    On a personal note, this was the 13th Scout o Rama I have attended as a Scout Mom.   Since 2005, I have attended a Scout o Rama in some form or another with one son or another or all three. and sometimes with the husband.    It truly is a family event.  At one point during the day, the announcer described Scout o Rama as the Scout Handbook comes alive.    How true that was as Stephen and I walked around sampling Dutch Oven delicacies, marveling at the perpetual swing across the field from us and watching the archers and slingshots and bottle rockets at the end of Adventure Alley.  Although this was the final time I will be there as a Mom of a Youth in Scouting, that didn't stop me from swinging by the Council Scout Shop to buy my Scout Mom t-shirt!  The day was overcast, but the spirit of scouting was shining brightly all day!   

May 22 - Space Exploration Merit Badge Session

Posted on May 12 2018 - 8:16pm

Mr.Lindsey will give a  presentation for the Space Exploration Merit Badge on Tuesday, May 22 at 7pm in Tankersley Hall at Laguna Presbyterian Church.     If you are interested in completing this merit badge, please plan to attend.    So Mr, Lindsey can properly plan for the evening (there may be some rocket building involved that night!) click on Calendar in the Menu and then click on Patrol Meeting Night on May 22.   RSVP and in the comment section type in "Space Merit Badge."   

Many events in May

Posted on May 5 2018 - 11:54pm

The month of May is a busy time as school is wrapping up and summer plans are being finalized.   This announcement is a reminder to everyone of the opportunities our scouts have this month.    Scout o Rama is a "County Fair" of scout skills, thrills and food!    This event will take place on Saturday, May 12th.  The evening before will be the set up of our Monkey Bridge.  Click on this event in the calendar section of this website to sign up for helping at set up on Friday, May 11 and then during the day on May 12th.  When you come on Saturday, remember to bring your Adventure Card for admission for your family.    A $10 fee for parking will be collected at the entrance.    On May 24th, we will have a brief troop meeting starting at 7pm.    At 7:30pm we will convene our spring Court of Honor.   As we will be having ice cream sundaes after the event, click on the calendar for this event and indicate how many from your family will be attending the Court of Honor.  On Memorial Day, our troop will continue the long standing tradition of assisting with the Laguna Beach Memorial Day Program in Heisler Park. Our scouts will help with seating and flag ceremony.    As you know, Stephen Jensen is doing his Eagle Project this month.   What started out as a simple idea to build a bench has grown into a project involving many days of hard work to build not just one bench but five benches from wood and concrete.   Thank you to all who have been helping and for the others who still want to help . . . work will continue throughout May. The project is at Cliff Drive Park, a neighborhood park in Newport Beach.  Many people have stopped by to tell us how much they need more benches to enjoy the views and to rest after a walk.  Stephen was born in Newport Beach and lived there for nine years.  He is a member of the NBPD Police Explorers.  He wanted to honor his hometown and to honor the branches of the military we will  be remembering on Memorial Day.   Each bench will represent a different branch of our armed forces.  Those of us working in the park are in awe of another Eagle Scout Project in the park.     In 1958, an Eagle Scout candidate installed a flag pole and sidewalk at the entrance to the park.  That flagpole and sidewalk with the names of the members of his troop etched in concrete still stands today.    The Parks Department supervisor coordinating the project with Stephen told us that his first boss at the City of Newport Beach many years ago was one of those boys who helped that Eagle Scout candidate install that flag pole 60 years ago.   We can't etch the troop members names in the concrete on the benches, but tomorrow, we will submerge a small plastic bottle in the wet concrete of one side of a bench.  That bottle will contain the names of the current members and leaders of Troop 35.   It may never be opened as it will be surrounded by concrete, but we will know it is there!    Thank you again to all who are helping.    Hopefully, these benches will still be in use in 2078!

May 24th COH Deadlines

Posted on Apr 29 2018 - 9:27am
Deadline Dates for May 24th COH
Monday May 7th - Last Day to hold a SC Conference - SCHEDULE EARLY!!!!!

Troop Committee Meeting April 23, 2018

Posted on Apr 28 2018 - 11:48pm

The meeting started with a report on the family campout at Falcon Group Campground.     Seventeen scouts and twenty family members attended the campout.  It was very nice to meet our newest members and families as well as seeing our "experienced" families at this annual event.   The Saturday morning nature walk led by Mrs. Leeds and the Saturday afternoon orienteering course set up by Mr. Bammer were highlights of the event.    The Dutch Oven Cooking provided an opportunity for patrols to find a new way to cook.   As far as we know, no one came home with Poison Oak, despite the abundance of it on the trails around our camp.   Good work in keeping away from it!   Thank you to all who attended.   The committee reviewed the status of upcoming events:      The backpacking campout at Crystal Cove on May 5 -6 is in need of additional adult leaders.   Adults with current Youth Protection Training and that have completed the adult application process are encouraged to join this popular event. Please RSVP via the Troop website.    Scout o Rama is on Saturday, May 12th.  The Monkey Bridge from the family campout will be the main event of our booth.   This engineering wonder provides the scouts with lessons in lashing and knots.      The scouts received the Scout o Rama Adventure Card at a recent troop meeting.  This card will provide free admittance to your family for SOR.   Be sure to follow the instructions on the card to register for savings at stores and entertainment venues throughout 2018.   Please remember that each car will be assessed a $10 parking fee, payable only in cash at the entrance to the parking lot.    SOR starts at 9am and ends at 4pm.  Come early to enjoy all the booths.    Scouts will be asked to volunteer for set up after school on May 11th and then for two hour shifts to help with the Monkey Bridge.  Watch for email and sign ups on our website.    Summer camp will have a location change.  We have a large group going this summer and our first choice of a camp could not accommodate the additional members who recently signed up.  The committee is very happy that many members will be going to summer camp.   As it is a time of bonding as a troop, the committee did not want the group to split into smaller groups at two different camps, The committee recommended looking at other camps and will let the Patrol Leader Council make the final decision at the next PLC meeting.    Further information on this change will be sent out in an email from Mr. Lindsey.   Our next Court of Honor will be a part of the May 24th Troop meeting.   Boys must complete all merit badge requirements and rank requirements including a Board of Review by May 10th.  Scouts who have questions about this deadline should call Mrs. Stellar, Advancement Chair, with their questions.    Additional adults may be needed at the May 10th Troop meeting to sit on various Boards of Review.  Watch for email reminders about this important meeting.   The Scouting Coordinator, Mr. Lindsey; Advancement Chair, Mrs. Stellar; Scoutmaster Leeds; Patrol Advisor, Mrs Leeds and yours truly are preparing a Troop 35 Parents Handbook to help new members and current members through all the camping, advancement and general troop information.   We plan to have this document on our website very soon.     Mrs. Stellar is plannning special meetings to explain the advancement procedures.   Several of the parents of new members also volunteered to help with upcoming camping trips and other troop events.   We still have openings for parents to help with Courts of Honor, camping trips and activities.   Additional emails will be sent out about these upcoming opportunities.    See you at Scout o Rama!

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