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Laguna Beach Troop 35 - 2017 Lost Valley Summer Camp

Boy Scouts in Laguna Beach
Chartered by the
Laguna Beach Presbyterian Church
Rev. Dr. Gareth Icenogle, Interim Pastor
Troop & Patrol meet every other Thursday at 7pm
Laguna Presbyterian Tankersley Hall
415 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Scoutmaster: Clay Leeds


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Laguna Beach
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Boys and Girls can join Scouts BSA at age 11 or in the spring of their 5th grade year. They continue in Scouting up until age 18, when they can become adult volunteers. Your son or daughter will join one of our age and grade-based patrol groups in our Boy Troop 35, (est. 1945) or in the newly chartered Girl Troop 35  (est. 2019). If your scout is older than 11, ask us about which "patrol" they should join.

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SCOUTS: If your son or daughter is new to Scouting, you'll need to fill out a Youth Application (click this link to download one) or you can go to the Scout Forms page.

ADULTS: Men and women are welcome to volunteer.  If you'll be serving as a volunteer, you'll need to complete Youth ProtectionTraining before you submit the adult application.  The training is done on line and should take about 2 hours. It is the mission of the Boy Scouts of America to maintain a culture of Youth Protection awareness and safety at the national, regional, area, council, district, and unit levels.   Please go to the menu on this website and click on Adult Membership and Youth Protection Training for information about how to become an adult volunteer.  Click here for an Adult Application  or you can go to the Scout Forms page.   Once an adult is registered, the adult may take additional training courses to be designated as a trained leader or as an assistant scoutmaster or scoutmaster.  

ANNUAL DUES:  The dues amount for 2020 for youth is $250 (prorated depending on month joined) and the adults dues amount is $50.    The youth dues covers the national registration and insurance fees noted on the Scouts BSA application as well as the program costs for our troop.  The adult dues is for national fees.    We have a one time fee of $125 for youth members to cover the cost of a troop duffle bag, T-shirt, neckerchief and slide and Scouts BSA handbook.   The Troop will collect the dues and one time fee after the application is approved. New members and new adult volunteers have an option to pay these amounts via Pay Pal through our website, check or cash.   We do have scholarships available through our troop or council if a family needs financial assistance.   We do not want financial concerns to prevent a youth member from joining Scouts BSA.  

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Laguna Presbyterian Tankersley Hall
415 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

New to Scouting? Click here to login and take Youth Protection training .
Before you can become an adult volunteer, you must take Youth Protection Training.  Instructions on how to start the on line training are on the training page.


2015 Boy Scout Summer Camp Emerald Bay Pics

Keep up the good work with on line activities!

Posted on Mar 28 2020 - 10:26pm

Our patrols are working hard - on line - to keep our scout spirit alive in these difficult times.      Watch for further information on a virtual Court of Honor coming soon!     Scout o Rama has been rescheduled for Labor Day weekend.    As you see from other emails, the summer camps are still scheduled.  If your family has a need, please reach out to the scout leaders and let us know how we can help you.  .     We will continue to support each other throughout this health emergency.   Yours in scouting, Pam Jensen, Troop 35 Committee Chair  

Committee Chair Message

Posted on Mar 21 2020 - 9:19pm

The Patriot's Day was a great success.    We also raised $284 by selling bottles of water. The Troop Committee designated this money to assist youth members attending the National Youth Leadership Training and adults attending Wood Badge training.    And then the Covid 19 virus changed our lives . . . . Thank you to all the families for understanding the need to change our plans at a drop of a tent for the family campout.   I sent the message that OCBSA said go forward and then President Trump and Governer Newsom put restrictions on our movements and we had to cancel the campout.      All face to face meetings are cancelled as well as our Court of Honor, but that doesn't stop scouting.  Remember the rank is earned as of the date the scout passes the Board of Review.   So if your son or daughter did a Board of Review recently and passed to the next rank, they are the new rank.  The Troop Committee is talking about ways to get the rank badges and merit badges out so stay tuned.  In the meantime, each scout should be proud of the new rank and start on the next rank requirements.    The Kobe Patrol and the Dragon Patrol are setting up virtual meetings and learning skills by watching internet videos.   Keep up the good work.    All patrol leaders should keep in touch via emails, texts or a good old fashioned phone calls with fellow patrol members.    Keep the positive scout spirit moving forward!    One thing we can do from home is service projects.  Operation Gratitude focuses on meeting the needs of our servicemen and women around the world.    Here is a link to how to help from home:  https://28zynx7e84y43nfqd3f09vk1-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/VOLUNTEERING-FROM-HOME-3.2020-1.pdf    All of these hours spent working on a service project will go toward service hours for the OCBSA Centennial Award of 100 hours of service by November 2020.     We also have the two troop level awards if the 100 hours is a bit out of reach - 50 hours is our Golden Award honoring the founding of Pack 35 in 1970 and doing over 75 hours of service is our Diamond award honoring 75 years of Troop 35.     If your scout is helping an elderly neighbor or relative with getting things from the store or dealing with being homebound during this national emergency, those hours count for service.    We need to remember to help our neighbors in need.     All the best during these trying times and our leaders will keep you posted on any changes in scheduled events or summer camp plans.     Yours in Scouting, Pam Jensen, Troop 35 Committee Chair

Centennial Award, Diamond Award and Golden Award for Service Projects

Posted on Mar 7 2020 - 9:26pm

OCBSA is offering a special patch that will be given to all youth who perform 100 or more service hours between November 2, 2019 and November 9, 2020 to honor the 100th Anniversary of the Council.   We are 1/4 of the way through the time period.   I would like to have a summary of where everyone stands in earning this award at our Troop meeting on March 26.  I will be there to review documentation of the hours earned.   Many of you helped with the No Parking sign set up this past week.  That will count as service hours for this award.     Attached to this announcement is a reporting form to help you keep track of your progress for this award.     If  the event was not set up by the Troop leadership, then you will need to complete the  Service Project Summary Report that will be approved by someone from the beneficiary organization.  Keep documents in a binder.   Bring this binder to the meeting on March 26 so I can review everyone's progress. 

Troop Handbook Posted to Website

Posted on Mar 7 2020 - 6:40pm

The Troop Committee has been revising the Troop Handbook over the last 6 months.  We needed to include references to the Girl Troop and new Youth Protection requirements for adults.   Our leaders have tried to catch all typos and incorrect information.    If you have a question about anything, please reach out to the SM, ASM or me for clarification.   The Handbook is under the Troop 35 Handbook (Boy Troop and Girl Troop) in the menu to the left.   Click on it and you will see the PDF for the handbook.   We will periodically update this and notify you when a new update is posted.     We gave paper copies of the Handbook to the members who bridged from Pack 35 today.   We will give a paper copy to each new member going forward.     The paper copy is for easy reference.  Current members can print their own copy or refer back to the PDF on the website if you have questions about how we do things or what a term means or what the leadership positions are.   We will be asking each family to turn to page 22.  This is the Code of Conduct page - a new addition.    The Scout Law and Oath are key to the principles of scouting.    We wanted to have a document so parents and scouts can acknowledge that they understand the rules and what living by the scout law means.     I am asking each family to print page 22 and sign it as noted and return it to me at the Troop meeting on March 26.  Please read the referenced documents in the handbook with your scout.  Thank you for being a part of Troop 35!  Yours in Scouting, Pam Jensen, Troop Committee Chair

Welcome New Members

Posted on Feb 29 2020 - 11:44pm

The Hawk Patrol added a new member this past week.  Welcome Erik!   All the leaders look forward to working with you!     The Kobe Patrol is our newest patrol as we gain members from Pack 35.   All of our new scouts are Arrow of Light Recipients!  This is the highest award in Cub Scouts.  Some of the adult leaders were at the Cub Scout Blue and Gold this past week.  We saw the Order of the Arrow members acknowledge the earning of the Arrow of Light by these scouts.    At the end of the ceremony, the scouts proudly showed off the arrows they made to show the ranks and awards they earned as Cub Scouts.  The colors on the arrow signify the ranks and awards.   The new members of Troop 35 are:  Jacob, Theron, Asher, Aytan, Danny, Aidan, Alex, Thomas, Charley, Bence, and Valentino.     Thomas and Valentino have brothers in Troop 35.  Danny has a brother and a sister in Troop 35.    All the best to our new members!    Pam Jensen, Troop Committee Chair 

News from El Camino Real District Roundtable Meeting

Posted on Feb 15 2020 - 10:29pm

Notes from the Roundtable Meeting on Thursday, Feb 13: Roundtable is the monthly meeting for leaders and parents in the El Camino Real District to plan and discuss upcoming events.    Newport Seabase summer programs registration opens on Feb 14.    Davey's Locker will organize Whale Watching trips for scouts to earn the Photography Merit Badge (see separate announcement.)   Cub Scout Day Camp will be held at ONeill Park June 15 to 19 from 8:30am to 3pm daily. Adult and Youth Volunteers are needed.      Girl Troop 774 provided the winning design for the Camporee badge and theme.  The Theme is 100 years of Advanture.  The winning design is a colorful sunburst over a camp site.    El Camino Real Camporee is April 24 to 26.  Cost is $30 for all weekend events, Saturday lunch and the OA breakfast.     Location:  Oak  Canyon Park (ie Scout o Rama place.) (NOTE:  Please RSVP by clicking on the dates in our Troop Calendar.) This weekend will be filled with competitions between units and fun games to play.   The weekend will also include the OA call out for newly elected members.  The meeting ended with a break out for planning for Cub Scout Day Camp or Camporee.  The notes from the Camporee planning session includes the request that each unit attending plan a compeition and a night game that incorporates the theme of 100 years of adventure or the number 100.  The District volunteers will cook lunch on Saturday and the OA will have a breakfast. NEED ADULT VOLUNTEERS to help with Fishing activity.  If you enjoy fishing and want to help, let me know.    Scouts and adults attending Camporee should bring fishing gear if they want to participate in the Saturday afternoon fishing event.     Roundtable is the 2nd Thursday of every month at 7pm.  Parents are always welcome to attend - location Gloria Dei Lutheran Church 33501 Stonehill Dr, Dana Point, CA 92629.   Girl Troop 35 will be the color guard for the March 12, 2020 meeting.  The Girl Troop will have theire troop meeting at the Roundtable location since they will be responsible for opening and closing flag ceremony for the Roundtable Meeting.   Parents please come to support our Girl Troop.    Yours in Scouting, Pam Jensen, Troop Committe Chair/Roundtable Representative 

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