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BSA Troop 35, Laguna Beach, California, Orange County Council

Who are we?
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Who are we?
Troop 35!

Boy Scouts in Laguna Beach
Chartered by the
Laguna Beach Presbyterian Church
Dr. Jerry Tankersley, Senior Pastor

Troop and Patrol meetings are held every other Thursday at 7:00 p.m.
Laguna Presbyterian Tankersley Hall
415 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Scoutmaster: Clay Leeds


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Register:  If your son is brand new to Scouting, you'll need to fill out a Youth Application (click this link to download one). Your son will join one of our age and grade-based groups:  Boys can join Boy Scouting at age 11 or in the spring of their 5th grade year.  They continue in Scouting up until age 18, when they become adults.  If your boy is older than 11, ask us about which "patrol" he should join.  If you'll be serving as a volunteer, you'll need to fill out an Adult Application also (no added fees).

Fees: as of 2016-17 for a whole year of Scouting in Troop 35 costs $150, which includes a whole year of Boys' Life magazine, registration, insurance, etc (compare to soccer, which costs $190 and lasts only a few months).  If you're joining at a time other than the fall, fees are pro-rated.  Ask us for details.



Laguna Presbyterian Tankersley Hall
415 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Orange County Council Youth Protection Information

2015 Boy Scout Summer Camp Emerald Bay Pics

Uniform Inspections

Posted on Feb 17 2018 - 10:56pm

At the meeting on Thursday, several boys had Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review.  The leaders not only confirm that the boy has completed the requirements for the rank, but they also do the uniform inspection.   We did find a few boys missing parts of the uniform or badges.  Nothing major, but we would like to see complete uniforms going forward.   Encourage your son to make sure his uniform is "inspection ready" for Scoutmaster Conferences and Boards of Review as well as the upcoming Patriot's Day Parade and Court of Honor. 

January Committee Meeting Summary

Posted on Jan 27 2018 - 3:04pm

The Troop Committee met on Monday, January 22.     Scoutmaster Leeds gave us a report on the December activities:  Hospitality Night and Homeless Breakfast.  Thank you to all who helped at these events.  As I write this message, our troop is enjoying a sunny weekend at a campout close to home - Crystal Cove State Park.    The next campout will be Camporee on April 6 to 8.   We have many activities between now and April.  We will start off February honoring the history of the Boy Scouts.   At our Feb 1 troop meeting we will remember the founding of the BSA in 1910.   We will also honor the boys who recently "aged out" or will be "aged out" this year in The Viking Storm Patrol.  On Sunday, February 4, we ask all members to attend the 10am Service at our Chartered Organization, Laguna Presbyterian Church.   They will honor Troop 35 and Pack 35 on Scout Sunday.  Please wear full uniform and meet in the courtyard no later than 9:45am.   If your son cannot attend, please ask your place of worship to also honor the BSA on Feb 4 and have your son wear his uniform to the service.  Our troop meetings in February will continue to introduce merit badges to the boys to start on.  These include personal management and space exploration.    The merit badge counselor will start the requirements and then the boys will finish as outlined by the counselor.   A good way to earn extra merit badges!   Patriot's Day on March 3 will be a busy day for our Troop.   We will start preparing for the parade two days earlier by putting out "no parking" signs along the parade route = watch for an announcement if your son wants to help.   On parade day, we will assemble in front of the high school and decorate a the truck for the parade.  We also have permission to sell water, coffee and donuts before and during the parade.   This will be a fundraiser to help with some of the expenses for our summer programs.    After the parade, we will meet up at the church and have a Court of Honor, Eagle Court of Honor (Nils Wilson) and Bridging for the Webelos.   We will also have a short presentation about Friends of Scouting.  We will prepare for Camporee during our March troop meetings.   Two weeks after Camporee on April 20 to 22, we will have a campout at Falcon Group Campsite off Ortega Highway.  This will also be the Junior Leadership Training for our new troop officers that will be elected at an April troop meeting.     Please make sure your son will be able to attend this important campout.  Looking ahead, summer camp will be at Cherry Valley on Catalina Island.  There is still time to register your son for this fun camp program.    New members will also be able to sign up for summer camp.   A group of older scouts will attend the High Adventure program at the Florida Sea Base in the July.   We have decided not to pursue a yard sale as a fundraiser.   We don't have a large enough area to hold it without paying for the rental of a space.    We also will focus on the sales of water, coffee and donuts during the Patriot's Day Parade.    A big thank you for the annoymous donors who contributed to paying some of the leader fees for Cherry Valley summer camp.  We appreciate the support of our programs!    The committee also discussed working with the pack in the Newport Coast area to encourage them to bridge into our Troop.  If any parent would like to be a merit badge counselor, please contact Mr. Lindsey.  We talked about the Order of the Arrow elections for a troop meeting in February or March.   Another summer program is the National Youth Leadership Program.     This is a national program to help boys improve leadership skills.    The Orange County Council program is scheduled for the last week of June at Lost Valley.    Further information will be sent out in a separate announcement.  Finally, the Committee approved paying a deposit for a High Adventure 12 Day Trek to Philmont Scout Ranch in the summer of 2019.  This will be for boys ages 14 and older as of the time of the trek.   Dr. Hovanesian is coordinating this program and he has sent out emails about it.  Please let him know if your son will be interested in the program.     The next committee meeting will be on Monday, February 26. Let me know if you have any questions or issues for the committee to discuss. Yours in Scouting, Pam Jensen, Troop Committee Chair.

Rechartering and Journey to Excellence

Posted on Dec 16 2017 - 4:36pm

Troop 35 completed the rechartering process this week.  Thank you to the adults for updating Youth Protection Training and to the parents for sending in applications and paying the dues.   Our troop has been consecutively chartered with the Orange County Council for 842 months!   That comes out to just over 70 years of service to our youth and community.   It is slightly less than the actual years our troop has been with the Laguna Presbyterian Church.  I believe that the process of rechartering started 842 months ago.   We are looking forward to celebrating 75 years of Troop 35 in the year 2020.    Also as a part of the rechartering process, we turn in the statistics from the current year toward the Journey to Excellence Award.  This is a program in which units set goals in 11 areas covering planning and budgets, membership, and programs.  Based on points, units can achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold in each area and then at an overall level.   We achieved overall Gold in 2017 and then Gold in 10 of the 11 areas.   The only area we fell short was in short-term camping (no pun intended!)  For this category, we needed to have 9 weekend campouts (not including summer camp) in one year.  Unfortunately, the wet weather of January to April this year kept our count low.    We will work to achieve the Gold status in 2018.    With that in mind, please keep the last weekend of January open for your son to go on a short-term camping trip.   We will have this weekend marked out as a TBD, so watch for further information for this local camping trip (Caspers? O'Neill?)  Our district wide campout called Camporee will be the last weekend of March.  This is a time when units compete against each other in basic scout skills.  Please keep this weekend open so your son may attend.    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!  See you in January!   

November Committee Meeting Summary

Posted on Dec 2 2017 - 1:14pm

The Troop Committee met this past Monday  (11/27.)    Mr. Leeds reported on the Joshua Tree Campout in November.  The scouts enjoyed the events for the Night Sky Festival.   Climbing the rocks was, of course, the highlight of the weekend.   We reviewed the upcoming events which are listed on the home page of this website.    Thank you to all who baked cookies for the Hospitality Night last night.   The December 14th troop meeting will include a $10 gift exchange.  The scouts always have fun with this event as they exchange the gifts multiple times before any packages are opened.  (HINT: make the outside of the package very interesting and it will be a popular package for exchange!)   On December 16th, the scouts are needed at the Laguna Presbyterian Church to help with the annual Homeless Breakfast.   Scouts must be in full uniform and report to the church by 7:30am.  The event will last most of the morning.   Thinking ahead, the committee is working on setting up a campout the last weekend of January.  Please keep that time open so your son may attend.   Scouts need a certain number of nights of camping each year depending on the rank requirements.  We will also have Camporee in March and another camping weekend in the Spring.  Mr.Lindsey will be sending out an email about Camp Cherry Valley for the summer Boy Scout camp.  This event is guaranteed to be a highlight of your son's summer so please read the emails and plan accordingly!   We have a group of boys and adults attending the Florida Sea Base High Adventure program in July.    As both Camp Cherry Valley and the Florida Sea Base costs average more than the costs of the past summer programs, the committee is planning additional fundraisers for spring.   We are looking at a Ruby's fundraiser and a community garage sale.    We will have more information on these events after our January meeting.  For now, please put aside any "garage sale" type items for us to sell.    We also have a wonderful opportunity to sell water and baked goods along the Patriot's Day parade route on March 3, 2018.  Troop 35 has received special permission to do this.   As in the past, the troop will be riding in a Ganahl Lumber truck loaned to us for the event.   As always, watch for emails with specific information about set up and the parade.   Following the parade, we will have our Webelos bridging ceremony and the winter Court of Honor.    PLEASE MARK ON YOUR CALENDARS MARCH 3, 2018 AS AN ALL DAY SCOUT/FAMILY ACTIVITY DAY!  Thank you to all for paying the annual dues.   We have officially added Mr. Stellar to our adult leaders.  Mr. Hayden Beaty is an Eagle Scout and he will join our troop as an adult leader.   We also officially add the following scouts to our roster as a part of rechartering:   Andre Almaraz, Oscar Jacquez, Kyan Latimer, and Kamran Sohrab.  Welcome All!  Dr. Hovanesian brought up a timely topic at the end of our meeting.  The Boy Scouts of America announced a few months ago that the program will be expanded to include girls at the Cub Scout and Boy Scout levels.  Dr. Hovanesian informed us that the Orange County Council is working closely with National to work out the logistics of this change. All involved in this change are very sensitive to teen boy/teen girl dynamics so that will be thoroughly reviewed before any changes in membership.    The Troop Committee will work with our chartered organization, Laguna Presbyterian Church,to make the transition as easy as possible.  No specifics yet, but if you have a daughter in elementary school she may be able to join Pack 35 perhaps sometime in late 2018 and then Troop 35 within a few years .   Our next committee meeting will be on Janaury 22, 2018.   Please let me know if you have any questions or issues to discuss.   Yours in Scouting, Pam Jensen, Committee Chair

Committee Chair Report

Posted on Nov 4 2017 - 10:11pm

We had a busy agenda for the Troop Committee Meeting on Oct. 30.  The Junior Leadership Training the day before was a big success as the boys talked about qualities of a leader and learned about what they can do in the troop as leaders.   The new adult advisor program got off to a good start as the newly elected leaders learned about the objectives and goals of their offices.   If your son has a leadership position, he should should be meeting monthly before or after a troop or patrol meeting with his adult advisor who will offer guidance on meeting the goals of the troop office.  The Joshua Tree Campout on November 10 to 12th is coming up this weekend.   It will offer boys the opportunity for cooking requirements and camping nights toward rank advancement.   A separate announcement will go out about other events coming up in the next few months:  We are asking members to provide cookies for Hospitality Night on December 1 (The Troop provides the cookies and the Cub Scouts will  serve the cookies!); Homeless Breakfast at LPC on December 16th: and the Patriot's Day set up and Parade on March 1 and 3rd.   After the parade we will have the Webelos Bridging Ceremony.  We are planning camping trips for the spring months including Camporee.     One event that we decided to forgo this year is the Ski Weekend traditionally held on the last weekend of January.    We have a summer high adventure program in addition to summer camp, so we decided to focus on those events.     We hope to bring back the Ski Weekend in 2019.  We need a parent to volunteer to start organizing this event for 2019 starting within the next two months.   The good places around Big Bear are usually reserved 8 months in advance.   As for the summer programs, we have the required minimum to start our crew for the high adventure program at the Florida Sea Base in July.    Look for more announcements from Mr. Leeds or Dr. Spitz.  This program is for boys 14 years or older as of summer.    All boys are encouraged to attend summer camp at Camp Cherry Valley on Catalina Island the week of July 29 to August 4.    Mr. Lindsey will be sending out information about the camp and a payment schedule. Remember, your son will need a completed medical from including a physical exam.   The form is good for 12 months, so you can start to forward them to Mr. Lindsey now to avoid the last minute rush before camp.   We will set up a link to the BSA medical form on our website.  The summer camp and high adventure program will not overlap.   We hope the boys attending the high adventure program will also be able to attend summer camp.   Having older scouts help the younger scouts with scout skills and camp activities is an important part of a successful summer camp.     The Troop Committee is looking into fundraising programs to help boys pay for the high adventure program and summer camp.   We will have more information in the coming weeks.    If you have not paid the dues for your son for the 2017- 2018 year, please bring a check payable to Troop 35 for $175 to the next troop meeting.     We will have a time during the meeting to collect the checks from the boys.  Finally, we congratulate our newest Eagles of Troop 35.   Michael Davidson, Andrew Kaiser and Jonathan Ranabarger had their Eagle Court of Honor earlier this evening.    As Scoutmaster Leeds repeated "duty to your Troop" several times during the Eagle Charge, we look forward to having our newest Eagles continue to provide guidance and leadership to all the scouts climbing the path to Eagle. Once you earn your Eagle Rank, you can start to earn Eagle Palm Pins.  This is not a rank, but is an award for Eagle Scouts.    For every five merit badges earned after earning merit badges required for the Eagle Rank, an Eagle Scout is awarded a Palm.  Eagle Scouts can continue to earn Merit Badges and will be awarded applicable Palms until the 18th birthday.   As we heard many times tonight, Eagle Scout is just the beginning not the end.    Congratulations to Michael, Andrew and Jonathan!

Florida Sea Base - this could be your son!

Posted on Oct 21 2017 - 9:41pm

Dr. Spitz recently send another email around asking about participants for the Troop 35 Florida Sea Base program in 2018.  I asked my son, Peter, to give me a first hand account of his time at the Florida Sea Base as a part of an Order of the Arrow program.   Here is what Peter said:

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