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Laguna Beach Troop 35 - 2017 Lost Valley Summer Camp

Boy Scouts in Laguna Beach
Chartered by the
Laguna Beach Presbyterian Church
Rev. Dr. Gareth Icenogle, Interim Pastor
Troop & Patrol meet every other Thursday at 7pm
Laguna Presbyterian Tankersley Hall
415 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

Scoutmaster: Clay Leeds


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Laguna Beach
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Boys and Girls can join Scouts BSA at age 11 or in the spring of their 5th grade year. They continue in Scouting up until age 18, when they can become adult volunteers. Your son or daughter will join one of our age and grade-based patrol groups in our Boy Troop 35, (est. 1945) or in the newly chartered Girl Troop 35  (est. 2019). If your scout is older than 11, ask us about which "patrol" they should join.

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SCOUTS: If your son or daughter is new to Scouting, you'll need to fill out a Youth Application (click this link to download one) or you can go to the Scout Forms page.

ADULTS: Men and women are welcome to volunteer.  If you'll be serving as a volunteer, you'll need to complete Youth ProtectionTraining before you submit the adult application.  The training is done on line and should take about 2 hours. It is the mission of the Boy Scouts of America to maintain a culture of Youth Protection awareness and safety at the national, regional, area, council, district, and unit levels.   Please go to the menu on this website and click on Adult Membership and Youth Protection Training for information about how to become an adult volunteer.  Click here for an Adult Application  or you can go to the Scout Forms page.   Once an adult is registered, the adult may take additional training courses to be designated as a trained leader or as an assistant scoutmaster or scoutmaster.  

ANNUAL DUES:  The dues amount for 2019 for youth is $175 (prorated depending on month joined) and the adults dues amount is $25.    The youth dues covers the national registration and insurance fees noted on the Scouts BSA application as well as the program costs for our troop.  The adult dues is for national fees.    We have a one time fee of $125 for youth members to cover the cost of a troop duffle bag, T-shirt, neckerchief and slide and Scouts BSA handbook.   The Troop will collect the dues and one time fee after the application is approved. New members and new adult volunteers have an option to pay these amounts via Pay Pal through our website, check or cash.   We do have scholarships available through our troop or council if a family needs financial assistance.   We do not want financial concerns to prevent a youth member from joining Scouts BSA.  

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Laguna Presbyterian Tankersley Hall
415 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA 92651

New to Scouting? Click here to login and take Youth Protection training .
Before you can become an adult volunteer, you must take Youth Protection Training.  Instructions on how to start the on line training are on the training page.


2015 Boy Scout Summer Camp Emerald Bay Pics

Roundtable report and various things we need to do for Rechartering

Posted on Oct 12 2019 - 11:23pm

A mid week email discussed the need for adult leaders to sign a background check authorization form.   I will be at the Troop meeting on Oct 24 to collect these forms and I will have some blank forms as well.   FYI - sign off is on page three, but you must submit all three pages.  For those who have already turned in the forms, I'll add the two pages to your submission.   All registered leaders must have the required training.  If you are a reserve unit scouter (not a SM, ASM or Committee Member) you only need YPT to be registered in 2020.   If you are one of the other positions, please refer to my.scouting.org for the requirements for your position.   Unfortunately, University of Scouting is after the rechartering deadline so if you need to get a training course done, you will have to do it on line through my.scouting.org or to check with OCBSA if an in person course will be offered in the next month.  Over the next two weeks, I will be reviewing the training requirements for the current registered adults and let you know if you need any training.    At Roundtable this past week, the district leaders discussed the rechartering process.  Just to let you know, an increase in the national dues fee will be announced on October 23.   The Troop Committee will meet on Oct 28 to approve the 2020 Troop dues.  We will need to consider the national increase in our Troop dues.   I will be collecting dues for 2020 in November. Payment can be via check, cash or through our website via pay pal.   We are also working with OCBSA to use Square for the national portion of our dues..     All dues must be paid by November 22.  If you need to make other arrangements of payment, we can work out something.  No youth will be turned away from scouting due to financial concerns.    At Roundtable, the district and unit leaders worked out the final arrangements for Camporall which is October 18 to 20.    Please refer to the separate announcements about this event.   We encourage all youth to attend at least a portion of this very important district event.   Yours in Scouting, Pam Jensen, Troop Committee Chair.

Open for Registration: University of Scouting December 7

Posted on Oct 12 2019 - 11:21pm

The University of Scouting is on Dec 7. Several of the required trainings will be offered such as YPT, MB Counselor, Committee Member, Committee Chair, Leader Specific Courses, Hazardous Weather and a few others.  If you want in person training, this is the place to go!    All adults and youth are encouraged to review the course offerings and plan to attend!  Registration is open now.  You can see the courses at this link: https://www.ocbsa.org/uofs/.   A popular youth training session is Den Chief.   We have not had that as a position for several years so we are encouraging our youth leaders to take this training course.   A den chief is assigned to a Cub Scout den to assist the den leader and to be the “face” of Scouts BSA to the Cub Scouts. The event cost is $30 with a $7 optional lunch. If you sign up for one or sign up for four courses, the fee is still $30.  Sign up for several to get the most out of the day.   Parking is included in the fee. It is at Santiago Canyon College from 7:30AM to 4:00 PM on Dec 7.     Each participant will sign up and pay through Campmaster.  Let me know if you have any questions about the classes or how to sign up.  Please be aware that some courses are over two or three class periods so make sure you read the schedule carefully for your course selections.    Yours in Scouting, Pam Jensen, Troop Committee Chair

Minutes of the Troop Committee Meeting September 23

Posted on Sep 28 2019 - 9:04pm

Meeting started at 7pm.   The Troop Committee welcomed a new member:  Maggie Kruse.  She will be a liaison for the Hawk patrol as well as helping with other tasks as needed.   Pam reported on the Building Evidence in Scouting Together (BEST) survey.   This is a national program funded by an outside grant to assist ScoutsBSA in assessing the needs as it moves forward with including girls in the path to Eagle Scout.   A sampling of troops from across the USA were invited to participate and our troop is one of those units.   We will get information to parents over the next few weeks about on line surveys in which parents will be asked to respond.  Katherine brought up a suggestion to have a private Facebook page for our troops.  This would not replace the current website.  It would only list upcoming events and would not allow postings by youth.  It would not include any photos or personal information such as addresses or phone numbers.   That information will continue to be on our current website.  Maggie commented that the problem with our current website is the difficulty in using it from a phone.  The private Facebook page would be helpful for event planning for those who already use Facebook from their phones. Committee will make a final decision on this at the October committee meeting.  Committee discussed establishing a New Member Coordinator position for an adult volunteer.   This is a position that is recommended by National.  Training is available for someone who would like to do this.    Adult volunteer would meet with new members and their families so that they feel welcomed, understand how things operate in our troop  and the youth will want to stay in the troop. The NMC position needs to be an adult who has been involved with the troop for at least two years.  As Pam currently handles membership applications, she will meet with new families at the last meeting of each month until a NMC or several are selected and trained.  Committee discussed the issue of a place for parents to wait for the youth during troop meetings.  We have a larger troop membership this year so we need to use all of the youth center and can't have parents wait in the kitchen area.  Parents will be asked to wait during troop meetings at a location set off with movable dividers in Tankersley Hall starting with the Troop meeting on Sept 26.  Pam will hold the Q & A sessions on the last troop meeting of the month with parents.   Other leaders may do a Q&A for the first troop meeting of the month when Pam is at District Roundtable Meeting. Parents are not required to attend.  This is only if a parent wants to stay but they are not involved directly in either Troop meetings.   Siblings will also wait here with the parent but the parent will need to have an activity to keep the sibling occupied.  The Commitee discussed having patrol leaders appoint a member in the patrol to make sure all patrol members are updating Troopmaster. Commiitee encourages patrols to do self monitoring so all the follow up does not fall to the Advancement Chair. SMs and ASMs will continue to monitor how well youth are updating Troopmaster to avoid last minute updates before a COH.    Going forward, if a youth does not update Troopmaster, he or she may not get the rank and merit badges at the next COH.   The Committee discussed the upcoming events for Sept, October and November  to find out what still needs to be done.   PLC meeting will be on Thursday where scouts will finalize planning for these events:   backpacking trip, Camporall, Day of Service (11/2/19) and Girl Troop Camporee in November.  Mike Sweeney will again organize a Ski/Snow Board weekend in January.  He will send out an email to ask for a poll of how many are interested in going.   Troop elections will be held on Oct 10 Troop Meeting.  Boy Troop PLC will also be asked to decide if Troop should update logo that is on the Tshirt and Bags.  This could be a competition.   Girl Troop will discuss a new logo for Girl Troop only or work with Boy Troop on one new logo.  Katherine will be responsible for summer camp registrations.   Jane asked that the Girl Troop have a different week than the Boy Troop.    Both the Girl PLC and the Boy PLC will select a camp and a week.  Katherine will then work on securing that week and set up process of registration.  NYLT at Lost Valley will be the last week in July.   We will encourage scouts to attend this excellent youth leadership training program so we will not schedule either summer camp during that week.  Josh gave an overview of his plans for the next few months with the PLC and at troop meetings.  Jane and Michael gave reports on their experiences at Wood Badge training.  Each will have to do special activities with each troop to complete the work to earn the Wood Badge.  Michael requested time at the next committee meeting to present his ideas for a project.  He will be scheduled in the agenda.   Jane will do a similar talk at a future committee meeting.  Both will encourage other adults to attend a future Wood Badge training session.   Comments were recevied by committee members that Sept COH went very well. It was nice to see so many guests.   Committee did receive complaints on inappropriate comments made by several scouts during the event.  Pam and another leader will discuss the concerns with the respective scouts over the next few weeks to remind them to "remember your audience."  This was a formal scout event and not a talk with friends.    If a MC does not submit the script to the adult COH coordinator as well as the PLC by the deadline before the COH, the MC will be replaced.   The MC must follow the approved script.   The next COH will be on February 9, 2020.   Committee discussed plans for a possible Eagle COH or Founders ceremony for Girl Troop at the February COH.  More details will be finalized at future committee meetings.   This Committee Meeting ended at 8:45 pm.   Next committee meeting is on October 28.  Respectfully submitted, Pam Jensen, Troop 35 Committee Chair.  

Welcome Letter 2019-2020

Posted on Sep 18 2019 - 1:28pm

Troop 35 - Laguna Beach Welcome Letter from the New Scoutmaster

Another Welcome Letter

Posted on Sep 18 2019 - 1:25pm

 A Welcome Letter from the Scoutmaster of “F” Troop 35 - Laguna Beach 

Volunteers Needed!

Posted on Sep 14 2019 - 10:40pm

As we start our fall calendar, we have some openings for parent leaders.  Anyone interested in these roles will have to take Youth Protection Training and complete an adult application.  We are looking for a Committee Member with a scout in the Hawk patrol and a Committee Member with any scout (boy troop or girl troop.)  The Troop Committee meets at LPC at 7pm on the fourth Monday of every month except July and August.  You will need to make sure you can attend this meeting time if you volunteer for either position.  The Committee works with the Scoutmasters to ensure proper leadership and programming for the scouts in both the Boy Troop and the Girl Troop.    Committee Members take on a role to either help with summer camp registration, fundraising, assisting the youth leaders in planning a campout or other events as needed.   We also need a parent who has a scout who has been in the troop for at least two years to serve as a New Member Coordinator.  This parent will help the Scoutmasters and Committee Chair with recruitment of new members and then follow up with potential members.   The Council has several training sessions specifically for this role throughout the year so anyone volunteering to do this will get a lot of help from the District and the Council new member coordinators.  It would be great if we could get a parent to help in this role for the boy troop and another parent to help for the girl troop.  If you are interested in any of these roles, please sign up on the sign up sheet at the Court of Honor tomorrow.   Yours in Scouting, Pam Jensen, Troop 35 Committee Chair

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